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Bob Benzen

Meet The Candidate

Bob believes it’s time to give back to Canada, to ensure that our country remains the best place to live and raise a family.  Bob believes we need conservative leadership based on the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, and strong families.  In Ottawa, Bob will fight for these values on behalf of the constituents of Calgary Heritage.

Bob's real-life experience raising a family and building a business from the ground up have given him a perspective that is not often shared by our politicians.  Bob is not a career politician, and he won’t be obsessed with appearances like most career politicians are — he will be focused on advocating for the conservative values that make our families and our communities strong.

Bob’s vision is to make Canada a freer and more prosperous country.  As a lifelong entrepreneur and small businessman, Bob understands how government can stifle the economy with crushing regulations and high taxes.  As a father of three, he believes that we have a moral obligation not to pass down a mountain of public debt to our children and grandchildren.  With the right government policies and a culture of personal responsibility, Canadians will enjoy more opportunities for themselves and their families — which will lead to more happiness, a higher standard of living, and progress for the next generation.

About Bob

Bob Benzen is a proud father of three and a resident of Calgary Heritage for nearly 30 years.  After founding and successfully building his own small business, he believes it’s time to give back to Canada as your next Member of Parliament.

Bob currently lives in the community of Evergreen with his wife Sue.  Together, they have three grown children.  Their company specializes in data storage and information  management for energy companies.

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