Carbon Tax Petition

Help Bob send a message to Prime Minister Trudeau by signing his petition telling Trudeau that Calgarians are opposed to his new national carbon tax.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unilaterally declared there will be a national carbon price, before the Premiers and Prime Minister met;

Canadian governments already collect $17 billion dollars annually from the oil and gas industry to fund essential government programs and services;

Carbon taxes are making life more expensive for every Canadian, disproportionately affecting the poor by increasing already high prices on everything from gasoline for their cars to the food they put on their tables;

Canadians are already facing challenging economic conditions;

The energy sector is experiencing an historic downturn, and resource-dependent communities, businesses and workers are already struggling and do not need an added tax; and

The Government of Canada should focus efforts on policy approaches that achieve real results while minimizing the economic impact on Canadians, not on increasing government revenues through additional taxation.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Calgary, call upon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel the national carbon tax that is harming Canada's economic competitiveness and hurting family budgets.

Will you sign?

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