Nomination 2023

Candidate Nomination 2023

After 6 years of service to the residents of Calgary Heritage, Bob Benzen retired as our Member of Parliament on December 31,2022. On behalf of the Calgary Heritage Electoral District Association (EDA), the Board of Directors thank Bob for his diligent work on our behalf.

Bob’s resignation has set in motion the process to select an individual to become the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) candidate in Calgary Heritage. Once selected, the candidate needs to be ready to run in a by-election which can be held between January 14 and July 2, 2023.

A Candidate Nomination Committee, (CNC) has been formed by the Calgary Heritage EDA Board of Directors, which is the first step to select the candidate.

The next step is for potential candidates to identify themselves to the CPC Regional Organizer and the Nomination Committee.

Interested candidates should obtain and complete the application package from the CPC Regional Organizer for southern Alberta as quickly as possible. The governing documents for CPC candidate selection can be found on the CPC website by clicking here.

The Candidate application package can be obtained from CPC Regional Director Marina Mason. Contact Marina by emailing her at [email protected]. The completed package is returned to CPC Headquarters.

The local Candidate Nomination Committee is ready to organize and run the election of the next Calgary Heritage CPC candidate by members of our EDA. We welcome additional volunteers to assist in the election process. Individuals wanting further information or to volunteer can contact Linda Johnson, Nomination Committee Chair. Contact Linda by emailing her at [email protected].